Monday, September 11, 2006

Silverfish Writers' Circle

It is not infrequently that I receive request feedback on a short story or a manuscript. It is difficult to say no, but at the same time it is diffcult to say yes, lest it starts an avalance. Take for example the stories submitted to the Silverfish New Writing series. We typically recieve about 200 stories each time. It would be humanly impossible for us to go through each one of them and give them individual comments. Most understand our dilemma, but many don't and, hence, the flaming in some blogs. Frankly, I think they should pay reviewers for their time, but I also understand that writers are generally a poor lot. And unlike some other countries, we don't have anything like a writers' support group. Even writer-groups are few.

So, that is the idea behind this page: to create a community of writers and a forum for comments and feedback. A writer's support group, as it were. That, in essence, is the idea. We will have to wait and see if, and how, it works. If nothing else, let us hope that it will be a space on the internet where one will be able to read interesting stories (mainly, we assume, written by Malaysians. And Singaporeans?).

Writers are invited to post their short stories here for feedback. You may send in any type of story, or essay, for posting - to keep discussions at a certain level, Silverfish Books will act as a moderator, at least initially. (We will only weed out 'extreme' literature, that does crop up from time to time, eg. erotica is fine but lets keep porn where it belongs. Ditto, 'hate' literature.)

To post your short stories and essays here for comments and feedback, send them to with 'Silverfish Writer' as the subject-we will act as moderators for the moment. Use a nom de plume if you wish to remain anonymous. If you are giving comments or feedback, please be gentle. A writers ego is fragile, it might never recover from a severe shock. (Please note: all offensive and personal comments will be deleted.)

So with that, here's to a healthy writing community, and culture.